Advantages of Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

2017-07-24 01:27:12


Vacuum cleaners are regarded as an excellent way for most people to clean up their home more easily. Recently, with the increasing demand of vacuum cleaning, great changes have taken place in the design and built-in technology of flourishing vacuums. Up to now, there are mainly two types, corded vacuum and cordless vacuums. But more people tend to replace a corded vacuum with a cordless cleaning at home not just because of lower price, but due to some benefits of a corded vacuum cleaner.

More Lightweight and Convenient
Without the dull undetectable stick, cordless vacuum cleaner is more lightweight with small size, easier for you to carry around and hold in hand. With cordless, you don’t have to be restricted by cord length, more convenient for mobile cleaning anywhere and even lifting up cleaning effortlessly.

Reach Anywhere You Want
A corded vacuum can reach to various but difficult to clean the wall or higher furniture. The cordless vacuum comes with two extension tubes, allowing you to reach to anywhere and suck up small dust and particles in stair, upholstery, crevices efficiently and easily. It is easy to lift it up to remove dust or dirt on the wall or the top of furniture.

Corded vacuum can’t work without power. However, the battery-powered cordless vacuum cleaner can keep working without plugged into the socket. The hand vac can save energy once you fully charge it and can provide strong suction power the next time you use, which can help save more energy.

Not Just for Indoor Use
Recently, some people also bring a handheld vacuum cleaner in car to sweep their car regularly. But a corded vacuum cleaner occupies much space and not easy to take. Cordless vacuums are more mobile than a corded one with detachable handheld, so you can pack it up and assemble it when you need. Besides, with an exclusive car, the vacuum can used in car anytime you need.

No Cable Clutter
The corded vacuum usually has a long cable which restricts cleaning area and hassles when you need to pack it up. Cordless vac is wall-mountable, easier to store without occupying much space and cable clutter.

Great Run-time
Cordless vacuum cleaners are battery-powered so that you can use it even there is power failure. With progressed technology, the cordless handheld vacuum can sweep the whole house before a re-charging. Most cordless vacuums use lithium batteries that have long life, so you don’t have to worry it stops halfway.

No matter you want a clean house or a confortable driving environment, a cordless vacuum cleaner is a wise choice. Cordless vacuums have an advantage over corded vac. If you want to try a handheld vacuum cleaner, cordless vacuums can ensure you a fast and powerful cleaning of the whole house.

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