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2000W Power Inverter

High powered power inverter 2000W with high performance is perfect for multiple loads and major household appliances on the go.

2000W Power Inverter
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2000W Power Inverter

High powered power inverter 2000W with high performance is perfect for multiple loads and major household appliances on the go.

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Tech Specs


Rated Power: 2000W Rated, 2300W Max
Input Voltage: 12V DC, Output Voltage: 110V
Work Temperature: -10℃~40℃
Indicator: Dual color LED (Green-Power, Red-Fault)
Fuse: Six external 50A fuses, Not only protects the home appliances, pumps, and motors from damage, but also be convenient to replace fuses.


25.2 x 12.8 x 16.5inches


3.60 Kilogram




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1 x 2000W power inverter
1 x cigarette lighter adapter
1 x battery clip
1 x user manual 


  • is this loud?
    There is some fan noise, but you're in a car so it's not a big deal. I believe the time I was using it, I put it on the floor of the passenger side, and it was fine. 

    How hot does this inverter get during usage?
    It doesn't. It has a internal fan. 

    Will this work for an item needing 110v
    Yes, as long as the connected 110V devices are less than 200W

    Does it interfere with am/fm or auxiliary audio quality?

    Can we heat up our lunch if we buy a small microwave
    This is only a 200 watt inverter. Most microwaves are 1000-1200 watts. 

  • If I have multiple devices connected, does the sum of their wattage have to be less than 2000? Or can the sum of their wattage be more than 2000?
    The sum wattage of all the devices connected to this Bestek power inverter need to be less than 2000W

    Does this work as a surge protector also?
    Yes, it has surge and overload protection. Just be sure you only plug things in that all added together only equal 200 watts or less. 

    how much does it weigh?
    13.6 ounces 

    how big is it?
    apx. 4' x 8", stores well in center console or rests easily on center rest. 



AnalyTim 20/02/2018

Keep all my devices on the go

I have one cellphone, one ipad and laptop. I always take them when drive out. Thanks to the small power inverter. I can charge my devices in time on the road. And it charge devices quickly.

Dr. H.E. Pennypacker 13/02/2018

Great product

It worked in my truck all day long. Use it for various devices like tools, lights, kitchen appliances, etc. Work perfect.

Bigdumptruck 11/02/2018

Great for motorhome

Really good for motorhome. It offers stable and powerful output. I can use it for some home appliances to cook on the road.

Luis 09/02/2018

Work perfectly

I sue the inverter for charging a kettle, microwave during the trip. Nice work for some large appliances. Highly recommended.

Scybo 07/02/2018

Happy with it

Received in very good condition and so far very happy with item. I use the inverter for outdoor camping. It is solid with rough construction. Nice quality and feature.

Mupuman 06/02/2018


A really good Inverter I have tried others more expensive than this but were nowhere near as good. Good idea to have a spare fully charged 12v battery to hand.

Kevin Depew 03/02/2018

Great inverter

this Bestek inverter is very strong, has wonderful features. I plan on buying more! And the seller shipped fast!

Nancy Lindquist 01/02/2018


The build quality is top notch. The aluminum case is strong and durable and the mounting tabs are very solid. I use it to run several lights in my store. Impressive working.