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BESTEK Cordless Hand-Held Vacuum

Lightweight and cordless, ideal for quick clean-ups around home & in the car.

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BESTEK Cordless Hand-Held Vacuum
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BESTEK Cordless Hand-Held Vacuum

Lightweight and cordless, ideal for quick clean-ups around home & in the car.

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Tech Specs



Dust Capacity: 0.4L 14.4V 50/60Hz 80W 

Tube Length: 600mm 

Net Weight: 1.2KG 

Vacuum : 4.5 kpa(full battery), 3.0kpa(30% battery)


24.5 x 8.00 x 5.50inches


4.80 Pound




For more warranty information,please click here


Cordless vacuum × 1   

Tube × 1 

Round brush× 1

Sofa brush× 1

Floor brush× 1 

Manual × 1 

Charger × 1



Betty 10/09/2018

Good product

The power of this simple device is quite adequate and the battery life (between charges) is really good.

Sharon 09/09/2018

saving a lot of my time and energy on cleaning

This vacuum can quickly clean up under kitchen cabinets, corners, etc, saving a lot of my time and energy on cleaning.

Gabrielle 05/08/2018

Very satisfied with this vacuum cleaner

It performs well on any surface and you will be amazed at its suction. Our house has never been so clean!

Evelyn 25/07/2018

Make my life easier

This vacuum cleaner is so amazing. It's compact and fits perfectly in my home and works perfectly. It's easy to use and has such strong suction, very nice product.

Freda 11/03/2018

Better than expected

This lightweight vacuum cleaner exceeded our expectations because the suction was much better than I expected.

Althea 09/02/2018

I am very happy with this vacuum cleaner

I am very happy with this vacuum cleaner. It did a great job in cleaning the carpets. I was shocked at the result.

Dante 02/02/2018

Lightweight and compact

Lightweight and compact. Easy and convenient for me to clean my room.

Alice 02/02/2018


Powerful suction, easy to clean. It makes my life much easier because I have may pets.

Annie 01/02/2018

Ok for the price

Great vacuum cleaner for my house and car. With this product, I can effortlessly clean my house in a short time. A little bit noisy, however.

Calista 02/01/2018

Five stars

Great suction power, battery charge lasts a long time, lightweight tool.