How to Use Electronic Pressure Cooker Pot Properly?

2017-07-19 08:54:06


Electronic pressure cooker is a perfect kitchen appliance for making rice, soups and even cakes. It can also allow you to speed up slow-cook dishes like grain, porridge and tough meat. Compared to traditional pots, pressure cookers are more powerful and economical because of multiple cooking programs, smart operations, and efficient tenderizing functions.

Stainless steel pressure cooker can gain more popularity because it can reduce 50% cooking time but still can retain food nutrition, which is a good way for those who are busy to cultivate a healthy lifestyle easily at home. If you want to start a good life this way with pressure cooker, look at here to learn how to use pressure cooker properly.

Tip one: read the user manual carefully
Pressure cooker manufacturers usually provide an instruction to explain some product specifications and operations. This is helpful for those who have never used a cooker before. Try the new pot according to the manual says, especially the safety precautions.

Tip two: check your cooker kit
Before cooking something, you need to clean the cooker and keep every kit well ordered. Some components are rather important for an electronic pressure cooker, like valve, ring, lid, inner pot. The tuber gasket should be a good seal and the valve should be clean enough without debris.

Tip three: season the food
Once you put the food into the pot, you can’t open the cover to add the seasons for a good flavor when it is still working. That will be dangerous to open cover freely as there are many vapors in the pot. Besides, you’d better prepare some ingredients like onions, garlic and spices to make food tasty.

Tip four: water
Pressure cooker can’t make food without steam, but no liquid, no steam. That why you have to add enough water no matter what kind of food you want to cook. You should know the minimum amount of water and how much water to use for different foods. Never overfill it.

Tip five: close the cover
Before you close the cover, you have to check whether the valve pipe is blocked and whether you’ve got the rubber ring. When everything is ready, you can close the cover and choose the right program according to what you want to make.

Tip six: choose the right program
There are multiple cooking programs for your options, rice, porridge, meat, grain, bean, etc. You have to choose the right food program based on your food. Different food should be cooked under different program, and different program takes different time to finish the dish. If you choose the wrong program, the food may be overheated thus losing some nutrition and flavor.

Tip seven: open it when the steam eliminates
Don’t hurry to open the cover when the cooking program stops. After heating up for such a long time, there must be plenty of vapors inside the pot. It may cause danger if you’re so impatient to open it. Besides, keeping food in the sealed pot for some extra time can make food more tasteful.

Pressure cooker now is ideal for anyone who wants to show talents in the kitchen, even you’re zero-based. Many pressure cooker manufacturers including the old bran instant pot and brand new BESTEK electronic pressure cooker pots are all striving to make things better.

How to Use BESTEK Electronic Pressure Cooker?
To make those who have never cooked before skilled in cooking, BESTEK has spent some time to prepare for the user manual, including one specific manual and one operation instruction.

Display Description


Cooking Process Flow Description


Pre-time Setting


Pressure Holdting Time Setting

Selected Pressure Setting




Hope the above seven tips and BESTEK brief operation instruction can help you know how use electronic pressure cooker properly. Chose a good electronic pressure cooker and start to prepare a delicious meal to surprise your family!

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Apr 2019

I need a manual, where can I get one.

Miranda Dotson
Apr 2019
Miranda Dotson says...

I'm legit about in tears. I cannot figure out this manual. The time only adjusts in 5 minute increments and I want to make potatoes. The time for those is 12 minutes! I can't figure out what to do! I hate this thing. Every other electric pressure in the world can do this with no problem! The thing came with a cookbook I can't use because I can't figure out how to manually input a cook time. In the time I've been trying to figure this out I could have just put them in the oven.

Donna Flick
Mar 2019
First Poster
Donna Flick says...

This is not a manual at all. No explanation of heat, times, or anything else.

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