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BESTEK 600A Jump Starter with 10000mAh Li-ion Battery Booster Dual USB Green

BESTEK 600A Jump Starter with 10000mAh Li-ion Battery Booster Dual USB Green

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Color: Green

BESTEK car jump starter with 600 peak current ensures you never get stranded with a dead car battery. Built-in 10000mAh ultra larger battery and ultra-smart dual USB ports, you can keep your electronics, no matter mobile devices or car appliances.

Car Jump Starter with High Performance

This jump starter can start your vehicle with 5L gas or 3L engine and is able to jump start the engine for maximum up to 20 times with 600 amps peak current heavy duty clamps and cables.

Smart Jumper for Car with USB
The 2 USB charging ports can automatically identify your devices to reach the fastest charging speed with Smart IC technology, up to 2.4 amp per port or 4.2 amps overall. Built-in 10000mAh battery capacity can be fully recharged within 3 hours through the included wall charger or car charger.

Car Jumper with Safety Guard
Smart jumper cable ensures total protection against short circuits, provides fully protection to your jump starter and car battery as well. Built-in emergency flashlight will help you flag down passing cars when you are in trouble

Jump Starter for Emergency
Designed 4 LED lights can monitor the battery charging level and tell you the charging status; Ultra-bright LED light with SOS and strobe light modes can help you out in emergency situations.

Use BESTEK Jump Starter to Start Your Vehicle in 5 Steps
• Press the power button and make sure jump starter is over 75% charged (three LED)
• Insert the Smart Boost Cable into the 12V jumping port.
• Connect red clamp to"+" port and black clamp to"-"port of car battery.
• Hop in and start your car.
• Once engine was started, please disconnect jumper cables from the power bank first, and then from the car battery

Kindly Note for Car Jump Starter
• Make sure the clips are connected to the battery poles correctly, otherwise the reverse polarity protection will disable the Jump Starter.
• Charge battery at least once every 3 months to avoid shortening its lifespan.
• Recharge your vehicle's battery as soon as possible after jump start
Recommended Vehicle Engine Displacements
• Gas powered vehicles - 5.0L and lower displacements
• Diesel powered vehicles - 3.0L and lower displacements

Package List
1 x BESTEK Multi-Functional Car Jump Starter External Battery
1 x 12V Adapter
1 x 12V Car Charger
1 x Micro USB Charging Cable
1 x Ignition Power Cord
1 x Instruction Manual

External Battery Capacity: 10000mAh
Applicable Vehicle: 5L, 3L
USB Output: 5V/2.4A
Product Dimension: 6.6 x 2.8 x 1.5 inches
Weight: 2.3 pounds
Color: green
Warranty: 18 months


Q: Does this starter have 18650 batteries inside or flat lipo batteries?
A: It has flat polymer lithium battery.
Q: What kind of charger do you use to charge the battery pack?
A: It comes with its own charger that plugs into a 110 outlet. 
Q: is it working to jump mercedes 2000 and under
A: This item could jump start maximum 5L gas or 3L diesel engine vehicles. It depends on the displacements of your cars.
Q: Wil it work jump starting in freezing cold below zero degree temperatures?
A: Hi, this 600A Peak 10000mAh Car Battery Charger Jump Starter can work around -20~60°
Q: Does it have a lithium ion battery
A: yes
Q: how long are the cables?
A: 1 or 2 foot. 
Q: how do you turn the flashlight on?
A: there is a button on the side 
Q: How much does the actual battery weigh?
A: the exact weight of this equipment is 389.2 g, also 0.86 pounds.
Q: I need at least two hours if I attach a 12 volts video dash cam to the unit, how long will it last? highest temperature it can be storage in car?
A: This item has 10000mAh battery capacity, the working time depends on the rated power of your video dash cam. The storage temperature is -4~140℉. 
Q: how many phone batteries will charge
A: this is a 600A Peak 10000mAh Car Battery Charger Jump Starter which is built-in 10000mAh battery capacity can be fully recharged within 3 hours. 
Q: Is working Toyota sienna
A: This equipment will jump start your vehicle up to 5L gas or 3L diesel engine. It depends on you vehicle's engine displacement. 
Q: Does this charge while charging
Q: Can you advise the manufactory of origin?
A: Made in China 


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