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ISELECTOR Bug & Insect Catcher

ISELECTOR Bug & Insect Catcher

Product code: HC-102new-2


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Upgraded Motor

This bug & insect catcher is the latest version of this market. The power of the motor is 1.5 times that of the old version. It can easily suck pet food and other small garbage in. 

Standard 2mm Small Finer Mesh Screen

Prevent small bugs from blocking the fan. Built-in USB charging and 3.7V rechargeable battery make it more convenient to use. LED flashes to illuminate your path at night or in the dark.

Safe to Use

No bait, no mess, this bug & insect catcher is 100% environmentally friendly and chemically free. It is harmless to kids, pets, and old people.

Patented Design

It can keep you and the insects safe. There is no need to touch the insects at all. Very simple for you and even your children to use this bug & insect catcher.

Package List

1 x ISELECTOR Bug & Insect Catcher


Weight: 195 g 

Battery: 3.7V rechargeable battery 

Product Size: 22.8*13.9*19.1 inch 


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Top Customer Reviews

Spider-Catcher Insect Catchers

Lyss 12/04/2019
Verified Purchase

This is really the ideal device to put spiders unhurt in the open again. I am very happy about that, because I hate to hurt these animals.

Clear Buy recommendation!

Kindle customer 23/03/2019
Verified Purchase

the trapping is easy, and the spiders do not move as soon as they are caught between the threads! Then you can let them out in the open and has depending on the previous method either no ugly spot on the wall or does not have to struggle with these darn nimble animals and a sheet of paper.


Angela Amebivalente 05/03/2019
Verified Purchase

It does what it should and with enough safety distance you can collect the animals and bring them outside. The only thing is, if the animals are quite small (earworm, for example, or very small spiders), then it will be harder to pick them up and if the animals are in a stupid corner.

Spare my nerves

Verena 11/02/2019
Verified Purchase

This spider catcher is a must for people who have a cellar. Because especially in the autumn, the house spiders always mean they also have to get up one floor. Or for the garage it is a must. I do not want to kill the spiders, so it's very nice to be able to catch them at a distance and put them out again.


Edith Bodlin 01/02/2019
Verified Purchase

This part is just awesome .. because I'm afraid of spiders .. I've gotten the start of the spider .. and I have to say .. he's just great .. by the long handle I have enough distance to the spider .. and it really the spiders are not hurt .. and can be left outside free again .. Also the delivery was very fast .. I can only recommend it ..


Zaumseil 10/09/2018
Verified Purchase

Used it for floor in a chicken run. Cleans up easily, and easy to wash down. Thick enough not to tear with repeated sweeping.

Good quality

Larry 02/09/2018
Verified Purchase

I used this for under my big dogs water bowl on our laminate floor. It works like a charm. Good thick quality!

So far so good

Renee C. Ozer 23/08/2018
Verified Purchase

so far so good! i laid it 2 weeks ago and it is working. rubber looks tough and thick! We have them in odd places around the yard - they add something a little kooky.

Perfect for Halloween yard

Glenn 03/08/2018
Verified Purchase

My only complaint is I'm terrified someone will steal them! They are the perfect ironic statement on yard kitsch, and probably perfect for someone who wants to make a statement year-round. 

Excellent item

Richard H. Smith 12/07/2018
Verified Purchase

I've had this amazing guy for 1.5 years! He has been in the same place the entire time. He has survived a hurricane, countless storms and still holds strong to the tree, while looking great. I am honored to have him a part of my garden.