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2018-05-14 09:52:24


Thanks for your participation of BESTEK Mother’s Day Giveaway (May 10th ~ May 13rd ).Really appreciate for your sharing these touching words and stories about moms in the comments. 

Ten winners have been selected from comments & Facebook  Interactive! 

Congratulations! Come to look at the Winner List below. 

Please contact us as soon as possible via email support@bestekmall.com to get your gift, if you see your name among the winners name list. We will try to give gifts according to the winner's wishes. while please understand if you do not get the one which was listed as your first choice. 

Father’s Day Activity is coming next month. Welcome to join us to continue your good luck then! 

Winners, Comments & Gifts

Kim, Prize # Air Fryer

Ma...Im so glad you are still with us! I know that it is hard and frustrating that you cannot do the things you are used to doing, I get it. I hope that you will allow me to help you find your new"normal" and find that smile again. You are incredibly important to me and I will never, ever let you do this by yourself..I promise!**I would LOVE to give her the air fryer! We had an incident not too long ago and she has been banned from frying anything. Thank goodness for a big box of soda next to the stove! An air fryer would allow her to do more in the kitchen, giving her back some independence. Thank you for the chance.

Amanda, Prize # 1000W Blender

I would love to get my mom the air fryer. We are all setting goals to eat healthier and I am still watching her fry her chicken on the stove in a bunch of oil. I think this would make the perfect gift for her. I’m not sure she knows what it does but she would definitely appreciate it.

Aman Khajanchi, Prize # 1000W Blender

I was initially wondering if it would be valid to share a picture of myself with my mother-in-law instead of my mother, however, on second thoughts, I said "Why Not?"

I guess very few men are sheer lucky as I. While most shudder at the thought of one's mother-in-law coming over, for me it's an immense joy. Having been in the institution of marriage for 25 years, our relationship is that of Mother and Son. Whether it is chatting with her for hours, enlightening her on fascinating developments in the world of technology and teaching her it's usage (Eg: Digital Payments) It's perfection: She being a keen and earnest learner and I being a patient and motivated teacher!!! 

On the other hand, if it is a question of self-improvement or a mistake I may have committed, she does not mince words in rebuking me, though in the positive scheme of things: "Did you start your workouts as promised to me?" Or "Do you still skip meals on a heavy workday?" From my end, I take it in my stride and work on improvising for my own betterment coupled with sheer respect for her.

Thank you Mom (In-Law) You’re the Best!!! 

(Note: Id love to gift my mom-in-law the Bestek 1000 W Blender)

Ashley Torres, Prize # 2 in 1 Vaccum Cleaner 

My mother is the best mom for me because aside from that she was the one who gave birth to me in this world, she also established and secured our future in nice, legal, and proper ways. My siblings and I were raised well by my mom towards a better livelihood. I am very thankful to my dearest mom. Praises and honors are not enough, not even flowery words for her sacrifice and for what our family had been through. Whatever deluge, test, trial, or challenge that comes our way my mother is always there to comfort us, to be our shoulder to cry on, gives us sympathy, emotional support, and encouragement. For you my beloved mother, I have the highest salute to you. You showed me the real meaning of true love of a parent to her child. Mom I just want yo say that you are indeed my Supermom!

I would like to win this 2 in 1 vaccum cleaner for her because she wanted to buy one earlier but due to financial difficulty she postponed the purchase.

Diane,  Prize # 2 in 1 Vaccum Cleaner 

I like to thank my mom for all she's done over the years. She started out as a new mom very unsure of herself. She lost her own mother instantly at age 11 from a blood clot entering her heart. When she brought me home from the hospital she cried because she didn't think she knew how to be a mom. My sister and I never knew of her uncertainty. It always seemed to us that she knew exactly...what she was doing. She managed to raise happy healthy kids to adults with good morals. And today she is a wonderful grandmother that can advise you on anything about raising children. I'd also like to mention and thank my grandmother on my dads side who passed away at age 94 in 2001 for being the best grandmother my eyes that ever walked. She was the only grandparent in our lives but we never knew we were missing a thing.  So thank you mom and grandma for all u gave. Happy Bestek Mother's Day. I'd like to gift my mom with prize # 3 the Bestek 2 in 1 vacuum cleaner. Thanks Bestek for this opportunity.

Shayyan Adrian, Prize # 2 in 1 Vaccum Cleaner 

When I was a little child, my mom took me to so many places. She took me to amusement parks and bought me toys to show that she is proud of me. Even now she celebrates my triumphs and provides assurance and her comforting shoulder when I fail. i wanna tell her that she's is extraordinary because even now she knows how to cure me, relieve my pains and make me better. Her warm hugs drive away the bitterness in me. love you ever!!

Mom I want to win the 2 in 1 vaccum cleaner because you have grown old and weak that you cannot properly clean your room so the vaccum cleaner will do the job for you.

Lenny, Prize # 300ML Humidifier

I lost my mom to cancer at the age of 16 along with 4 younger siblings, my baby brother was only 5.  About a month before passing away, she had all five of us go into her bedroom.. She carried in a rocking chair and said not a word, but she was crying.. one by one she rocked each of us about three minutes.. Then she sat in bed by us and asked if we knew why she jus did what she did... She told us she lost her mom to cancer also at the age of 6.. and that she doesn't remember her mom that much.. So she rocked us so we would remember her and the mother she was to us.. She did not want to be forgotten and she truly loved her babies... After she passed , my 13 yr old sister had to take over the mommy role, while still in school.. and did she ever.. Thank you sis, Lindora Lawhorn for being our mom 38 years ago and the mom you still are today.. You are a blessing and I love you.. And mom, I never have and never will forget you.  Thanks #Bestek for this exciting giveaway and letting others know my mom , who she was..  Happy Mother's Day to all moms.. Good luck to everyone

Diana Smith Hill, Prize # 300ML Humidifier 

I like to review the products. 

I use several social channels- twitter, facebook, googleplus, Tumblr and pinterest are a few!

I would like to get the air fryer because it will show her I care about her health using the no oils to prepare the favorite foods! 

I shared on Facebook, too.

Jenna Moss, Prize # 300ML Humidifier 

On this mother's day I want to say to my mom in the following way:

M-onths passed by you taught me how to walk and talk. 

O-h, my Mama you're an angel sent from up above.

T-ruly, your love is unconditional and has no limit.

H-eaven knows how much I love and I need you. 

E-very stumble I made you taught me how to be strong.

R-aising me with all your love and affection!!

I want to gift you the Bestek Air Fryer.

Kimberly Colby Powell,  Prize # 300ML Humidifier 




Shelia Kathy Ward Wright

I love you mom. Your amazing 

My moms not just my mom. She’s also my best friend and has always been there for me. 2 years ago my mom has 5 heart attacks. She has had to have open heart surgery on her bday that year and I guess god wasn’t ready for her thank the lord because she’s still here with us. 

Definitely the AIR FRYER.

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