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Bestek Slogan

  1. Refining: we hope your idea is relatively short and snappy within 2~8 words.
  2. Resonant: we hope it can deliver piercing value and life concept.
  3. Positive: the slogan must represent active, optimistic and positive spirits and is charismatic.
  4. Impressive (easy for memory): it should be easy to understand like Justin Bieber’s songs that can be easily accepted, remembered and transmitted.
  5. Elements: Innovation, Technology, Better Life, Fashion, Keep Moving
  6. Enterprise Version: create an international leading brand of consumer products.
  7. Principles: we hope that it is distinguishing and unique originally made by yourself.
  8. Appreciation: we also hope that you can attach an introduction of your creative idea to tell us the inspiration source and background story of it.



Contact Information

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